Redefining conventional mining methods and becoming the most dynamic economic system in the crypto world.

FOG consensus algorithm has been upgraded on the basis of Burst POC2 (Proof of Capacity), which is called CPOC (Conditioned-Proof of Capacity).

What is Fogchain Token What

Fogchain token, abbreviated as FOG, is a digital token based on CPOC consensus with the function of anonymous transmission and encrypted transactions.

Global payment

We are constructing a new cross-border transaction system in the FOG ecology. This distributed network will replace traditional centralized payment institutions and organizations by greatly reducing the costs incurred by intermediaries while avoiding overly complicated and lagging transaction processes.


FOG is extremely private as a payment channel. The network automatically hides all the details of transactions. Only the specific key holder can see the corresponding transaction information. We grant absolute control over the entire transaction to the users.

Obtained by mining

FOG adopts POC algorithm which perfectly avoids the two major challenges about power wasting and the AISC problem. POC consensus is upgraded from POW. It inherits the basic attributes of the POW mechanism and makes new innovations. POC reduces costs of trust (by lowering power consumption) and increases the scalability of consensus (by lowering this threshold) while its strength and breadth are enhanced


A Decentralized and Anonymous Network – Highly Secured and Totally Free

People need to be able to protect their behavior on the blockchain. Especially in some specific environments, like the Internet in its early years, its anonymity allows people to break through the physical world and provides people with a greater freedom of speech.

  1. The modular design of the FOG is friendly to subsequent expansion on the underlying public chain which facilitates the establishment of a complete developer community and provides momentum for the development of ecological applications.

  2. To ensure the openness and transparency of FOG token project, we are managing through the establishment of the top decision-making entity, the Decision Committee. The committee consists of business committee, technical committee, comprehensive affairs committee and community development committee. The committees will be composed of developers and functional officers. The members are elected for a term of two years. The first decision-making committee are composed of core team members, celebrities in the industry, legal experts and early investors while some of the members of the subsequent decision-making committees are elected by the community.

  3. With the stimulation of the destruction mechanism, the total amount of FOG token that can be circulated will gradually be reduced. As the market becomes more likely to accept FOG token, it will be used more frequently. For example, with an increasing number of registered users, the number of remittances will increase as well. As a result, more capital and users will flow into the market. But the use of FOG token will also lead to the destruction of it while the price of FOG token will be promoted at the same time.

  4. Through FOG mining machine, we combined the mining pool and the entire ecology. This action will lower the threshold of mining entrance and attract more users to take part in FOG ecosystem. With POC consensus, we lower the threshold for new miners and the costs of conducting mining. The number of miners in the FOG-ecology are expected to be increasing.

Application Scenarios Problem

A better payment channel with commercial feasibility

International Trading

In the solution of FOG token, all trade contracts, business documents and other documents can be stored digitally and modularly through smart contracts while the execution of transaction will be triggered automatically and immediately when the conditions are met. Compared to the traditional business model, the international trade business of FOG token can significantly reduce the costs of document issuance, transmission and storage while effectively avoiding problems such as file loss and damage.

Knowledge Platform

Based on blockchain technology, our knowledge platform will ensure the authenticity and traceability for original content. These contents published by users will be permanently stored in FOG block. Film and television companies, game companies and other types of companies is able to discover high-quality original content on our platform and purchase its copyright. The decentralized knowledge platform can significantly reduce the intermediate costs and effectively avoided the monopoly of high-quality content. Our vision is to create an open and transparent knowledge environment.

Reinventing Supply Chain Finance

In the supply chain, multi-party transaction scenarios are the most suitable for the blockchain technology. FOG token combines blockchain and 5G to ensure the reliability of business transactions and saves the certificate of them in terms of reducing risks.

Data Sharing on the Chain

The founders will build a special credit service DApp in FOG ecosystem which is big a data platform for individuals and small&medium businesses around the world. There are prominent problems such as lack of data sharing mechanism, high cost of personal data acquisition and ineffective protection of personal data. Based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, FOG credit chain will support a decentralized, open and immutable credit data platform. All the data will be encrypted and stored on the FOG blockchain.

Technology realization SOLUTION

FOG puts security, stability and scalability first in its design. By optimizing the consensus algorithm, block capacity, group signing algorithm, etc., it can achieve super-high performance while reducing energy consumption.

CPOC Consensus

Conditioned Proof of Capacity (CPOC) Consensus 

The realization of smart contract

Ethereum EVM virtual machine is used to support the Ethereum smart contract. 

The realization of the Oracle

The Oracle system is adopted for complex scenarios. 


FOG uses Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) as the storage layer which strips content storage from the block to improve logical processing capabilities. 

Ring signature

It is a digital signature scheme with simplified algorithm. There are only members rather than administers in a ring. And the members won’t need to cooperate with each other.

Address obfuscation

With the address obfuscation algorithm, FOG is able to break the association between the input and output addresses in terms of concealing the relationship between the users.

Cross-chain support

FOG supports cross-chain activities with hash locking technology. It will be a significant channel for users to conduct assets and data exchange while their anonymity is protected.

Anonymous transaction

D2p is a routing system that allows applications to send messages to each other secretly without any external interference. Novst is a C++ implementation of D2p and it will also be integrated into FOG.


2019 Q3

The project was approved and its architecture design was completed. Preparations for community building began.

2019 Q4

Started the development of the main chain which is based on Ethereum ERC20. Issued FOG tokens for early market promotion and community building.

2020 Q1

The initial community construction is completed. One part of tokens are released while Fogchain token is listed on mainstream exchanges and CPOC consensus are realized.

2020 Q2

Onlined the knowledge platform. Granted token access. Completed cross-border payment network.

2020 Q3

Realized Novst and D2p implementation. Onlined the test enviornment. The construction of community completed and other facilities are put into use

2020 Q4

Officially onlined the main chain and the wallet function while Fogchian tokens migrated on the chain.

2021 Q1

The main-chain-based application was migrated to the chain and put into use. Opened the mining pool.

The completion of FOG-ecology


The ICO Crypto Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Milo Masson
Founder and CTO

Devoted to the development of blockchain industry when it was still in the rising-sun period. He once served as the operation director of a well-known blockchain group in the industry and the technical leader of its overseas platform. In the past ten years, he has focused on the back-end research and development of financial programs. He has extensive blockchain underlying-development experience and deep insights into the research and development user security and privacy.

Blockchain Development Engineer

Responsible for writing front-end, back-end services and the design of smart contracts. Has experienced large server installation experience. He participated in the mining industry in the early stage of the industry and has participated in the establishment of several large-scale mines.

Peter Rogers
Founder and CGO

As a member of the startup team, participated in many mining projects and systematically analyzed and summarized most of blockchain projects on the market. Created an exclusive analysis model of blockchain projects. With several years of product design and brand community management experience, he has led the team and community members to achieve tens of millions of benefits.


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